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Dedicated to USS SSN 571 - world's first operational nuclear powered submarine
300 m WR

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New automatic models
Classical design
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Vostok Europe

Vostok Europe Jurgis Kairys plane

Who we are

The core values of Vostok Europe
Wearing Vostok Europe on your wrist means being ready for anything. Our watches withstand extreme conditions and are always reliable without neglecting style. Our watches are worthy of their namesakes impressive technical achievements.

Vostok Europe is produced in Lithuania with components of the best European and Japanese manufacturers. We are the official representative and service center of the brand for Bulgaria. That’s why we can guarantee perfect service, availability and original parts and accessories.

In August 2013, an agreement was reached between Vilnius Koliz and Chystopol Watch Factory Vostok to create the merged company Koliz Vostok.

The aim of the new company is to create a new set of watches that combines modern design and quality. The new Vostok Europe brand was created.

Vostok Europe Ambasadors

Our watches can handle everything

With watches tested in the Dakar Rally, at the bottom of the world, to the edge of atmosphere and beyond, Vostok Europe truly is going to extremes. Vostok Europe is proud of our ambassadors – the “pilot’s pilot” Jurgis Kairys, World’s strongest man Žydrūnas Savickas BIG Z, Dakar rally winner among privateers Benediktas Vanagas and Scott Free Super Boat World Campion!

Vostok Europe Dakar

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